What Our Cubbies Are Made Of

Our cubbies are produced using high quality materials

Our Cubbies are using high quality materials

We use 18mm thick plywood for our walls and floors – so super tough! We also love using plywood as it eliminates the gaps created by cladding to help minimise the places spiders like to hide!
We use H3 (for on-ground use) gorgeous Baltic Pine, which is treated with an LOSP child-safe white ant treatment. This treatment leaves a green tinge that fades over time.
We use Polycarbonate roofing, which has a lifetime Manufacturer warranty, and provides 99.9% UV protection. It makes the cubbies feel light and airy, and the bugs cannot stand the way it filters the light, hence they tend to stay away. The temperate difference inside our cubbies are much better compared to any other roofing type, and there are no sharp metal edges to little fingers to catch on.
We use galvanised screws for long life

We provide a 2 year guarantee on all material supplied by us. As part of the guarantee, we require that you paint/stain your cubby to ensure a very long, happy life for you cubby. The plywood especially does not survive the weather unpainted.

All of our timber is from renewable sources,

and we are proud of the fact that our plywood comes from a local Brisbane source. We love to support Australian businesses whenever we can. We have less than a normal household bin of waste per week due to careful planning and cutting systems. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and are continually finding better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle (as Bob the Builder would say!).

Our products are a higher quality material than any cubby maker in Australia in our comparable market. Our systems involve using every piece of timber possible to reduce massive quantities of waste due to natural timber imperfections. Timber pieces can have visual defects like knots and cracks (see photos below). Each piece is carefully checked, and we would NEVER use timber with structural defects.

Pieces with knots or cracks are used in the cubbies in positions that are hard to be seen (like the underside of stairs, or under the floors. If you are unhappy seeing splits/knots, you can easily use a wood filler, give it a quick sand, and once the area is painted over you will not know the natural imperfections were there!

Plywood crack


Underside of stairs

It’s the small things kids love most

by. Gail Carroll
Categories. Children's Imaginations,My Cubby,Outdoor Fun

Now that we are well and truly back into the school year and daily grind, it’s easy for parental guilt to sink in. We’re so busy with work, life and endless to-do lists, we’re exhausted, and playing with our kids is not always our top priority. And it shouldn’t always be,

by. Gail Carroll
Categories. Children's Imaginations,My Cubby,Outdoor Fun
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