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If you’ve got the space, we’ve got the ultimate cubby for you: A huge play house combined with an upper level fort – your kids will want to move in! This design can be customised for you, so you tell us the layout that works best for you, and we make it that way!  Our Mega Triplex cubby has more internal height on the lower level - awesome for adults that will be spending some time in the cubby!

This cubby includes

  • 1 x unpainted flat packed cubby house
  • 4 x handles
  • Stairs and balustrades
  • Instructions with illustrations
  • All screws required
  • Polycarbonate roof panels

Slides and accessories are purchased separately

Professional Installation


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Cubby Colouring-in Sheet: Print this, get out your crayons and have fun with your family creating your own unique colour scheme for your cubby

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Mega Triplex
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Mega Triplex
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Mega, high side swapped over, slide and steps to front
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Mega Triplex
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Mega Triplex
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Mega Triplex
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Mega Triplex
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Photo 1
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Mega, with rockwall
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Mega Triplex
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cubby 3
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Mega, Slide and Stairs to Front
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Mega, Slide and Stairs to Front with cargo net
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Mega, open balustrading, over a retaining wall
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Mega triplex
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Mega brown
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3D dimension layouts

The Mega is the big brother to the Triplex, it is 600mm wider on the lower level. It also has a 600mm roofing overhang - so the lower level is brilliant in all

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   Cubby dimensions

Full Height

2550mm from ground

Top Level

1200mm w, 1200mm d

Underneath Top Level

1200mm h

Highest point Lower Level

1850mm h

Lower Level

1800m w, 2400mm d

Lowest point Lower Level

1000mm h


Special Accessory Packages:

After selling hundreds of cubbies, we’ve researched what the most popular accessories are, and have put together two special accessory packages

To check out our complete accessory range, please click here.

You are welcome to purchase accessories separately to get exactly what you want.

   Nationwide Delivery Available

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If you live outside the metro area, or other States please use the Contact Us form and we will provide you with the delivery charges to your postcode.

Which is the best cubby for me?

It can be a very tough decision working out which cubby house is right for you
- they all look so good!

We hope it helps your decision that you are able to customise your cubby to make it work perfectly in your yard - so things like swapping the sides over ... having valustrading or solid panels ... having the slide come out the front or the side. All these things are possible and usually at no additional charge.

Here is a quick guide working through the main differences between our cubbies

Cubby House
Cubby House
Mega Triplex
Cubby House

Our Duplex Cubby House is a gorgeous cubby that doesn't take up too much space in your yard.

Because of the size, this cubby is about more Activity based play. A great addition to the Duplex is adding the Cafe and Blackboard option for the ground level - what child doesn't love playing shops!

Our Triplex cubby is the little sister to our Mega Triplex.

It has a great size lower level that is brilliant for home/shop play. It has a 1.2m cafe counter at the front (perfect for ordering your coffee's from!). T hen you have the upper Activity level where you can add your slide, fireman's pole, rock wall, steering wheels, telescopes, cargo nets.

Our Mega Triplex cubby is the largest in our range.

The main differences between this and the Triplex are : it is 600mm wider on the lower level, and it is 300mm closer to the ground which means there is more internal height (this cubby is great for parents to be in!). there is so much play space on the lower level - you can easily fit a kitchen, table, workbench or dress-ups etc. It has a brilliant 1.8m cafe counter - perfect for a shop checkout! we recommend the sandpit option for underneath the Mega, as it already comes with the great cafe counter inside.

Our Entry level Small Fort is perfect for a compact space, and we recommend this Fort for younger children.

It weights 100kg, and the internal height is 1.25m. Overall height is 2.55m. The great thing with this Fort is you could add another Fort to it and turn it into a Duplex if you were interested one day!

Our Medium and Large Forts are SO big and tough!

Their overall height is 3.2m, and the internal height is a massive 2m tall - so your kids will never be able to outgrow it (a great teenage retreat in the years to come). There is great flexibility with these Forts - you can add so many accessories wherever you want, and have the options of balustrading or solid walls - you tell us what you would like!

Our Large Fort fantastic! It's about 250kg and so much space, being 600mm longer than the Medium Fort.

The overall height is 3.2m, and the internal height is a massive 2m tall - so your kids will never be able to outgrow it (a great teenage retreat in the years to come). There is great flexibility with these Forts - you can add all the accessories wherever you want, and have the options of balustrading or solid walls - you tell us what you would like!

Our Adventurer is perfect for kids that love the outdoors and being active.

You have the ability to easily have all the energy-sapping accessories like: rock wall, cargo net, fireman’s pole and slide. You can even have a swing arm off it! It has the added bonus of having an Small Cubby attached to change up the play.


Thank you for taking the time to assist us. You have made our cubby buying experience very easy and stress-free.  We have already recommended you to a couple of our friends with children & will continue to do so.  Your advice, patience & understanding (especially all our requirements) was very much appreciated & valued.  I have attached a photo of the master piece. Our girls love it!

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