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We are excited to add these fantastic wooden Playhouses to our range.

Being single level and low to the ground these are perfect Playhouses for Kinders and Daycare Centres, along with those wanting a single level cubby

The huge benefit for Kinders and Daycare Centres is that you can see your kids playing all the time (staff and parents love this)

We can customise it to your requirements to get it just right for you. Check out some examples of what we can do.


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Awesome All-ability Cubby
Flat pack and unpainted (plus accessories and delivery)
Size: 2.4m wide x 3m deep (1.8m deep internally + a 1.2m deep veranda)
This is the best all-ability cubby in Australia! Made from amazing Weathertex cladding, and polycarbonate roofing to keep the heat out but the light in. This cubby includes wheelchair access, and balustrading across the front. You can add in balustrading to the sides as well. Other additions are Perspex for the windows and a front door.
exit hole 1
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exit hole 2
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exit hole 3
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exit hole 4
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Playhouse with secret exit hole
flat pack and unpainted (plus accessories and delivery)
The customisation of our Triplex cubby house into a ground, one level version is perfect for Childcare Centres. You are able to see your children playing at all times, but the kids are also in an exciting, fun space. Customisation of our Mega Triplex cubby is also available, and more customising is available.
wheel chair 1
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wheel chair 2
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Playhouse with wheel chair access
flat pack and unpainted (plus accessories and delivery)
Massive 2.4m x 3m (plus veradah) space. You can have solid side walls, or open them up like this cubby. This cubby has two cafe counter areas - you could change this to balustrading if you prefer. The porthole panel at the front is a fun addition for kids to play hide and seek in! Customise it to suit you!
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Create your own perfect Fort
Starting from $2,300.00
flat pack and unpainted (plus accessories and delivery)
Customise the Fort that suits you best - would you like walls? Balustrading? Cafe counters? Wheel chair access? Porthole panel? Solid walls? We have all of these options so you can create exactly what you would like from our standard model which is 1.8m wide x 2.4m deep. It comes with 2m of internal height, and can sit a minimum 200mm off the ground. My Cubby use great quality timber with smooth surfaces - perfect for little hands. My Cubby is aware of the Australian Standard recommendations for play equipment. Our cubbies will need to be painted to protect them from the Australian climate.
Super dooper Kinder Fort 1
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Super dooper Kinder Fort 2
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Super-dooper Kinder Fort
flat pack and unpainted (plus delivery)
1.8m x 1.8m with an angled rockwall and an angled climbing wall on the other side – great for getting little muscles challenged and moving. This Fort is 900mm off the ground, but we can lower it 600mm as well. As with all of our cubbies you can customise the position of where you would like the accessories. We can also increase the size of this one to: 1.8m wide x 2.4m deep.


We had the grand opening (with ribbon cutting) last weekend.  My 7yo daughter had an esky & nibblies inside the cubby & severed “refreshments” from the bar/café servery to the invited dignitaries.  Thanks again for your support and well wishes.
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by. Gail Carroll
Categories. Children's Imaginations,My Cubby,Outdoor Fun
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