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We love our “My Cottage”, it’s a super cute size to fit in more compact areas, but still large enough for amazing adventures! Like it’s big cousin, our My Cottage is made from amazing Weathertex cladding – the best cladding on the market. This cubby weighs over 600kg – it’s made to last!   You can also elevate this cubby to include slides, rockwalls, cargo nets, fireman’s poles etc for added entertainment.

My Cottage

Sales Tax Included
  • This cubby includes

    • Flat pack Cubby (unpainted) 1.8m x 1.8m BASE MODEL
    • Flat pack Cubby (unpainted) 1.8m x 1.8m plus a 1.2m deep verandah ALL-INCLUSIVE MODEL
    • Weathertex Cladding – comes primed already to save you a little bit of painting time!
    • 300mm floor height
    • Step
    • Polycarbonate roofing sheets – 99% UV protective.  Keeps the heat out, whilst letting the light in
    • Front door with Perspex panel and metal door handle
    • 1 x sliding Perspex window for front
    • 1 x sliding Perspex window for side
    • Installation Instructions
    • Screws

    Check out the Accessory section to see what other options are available.

  • We have created this awesome cubby due to customer demand!

    We could go on for hours about it, but we know your time is limited so here are the highlights:

    • Our framework is big and tough (like a house frame) and comes 300mm off the ground – so it’s great for ventilation and also if your ground is a little uneven so you can cut down legs to level.
    • Our cubby is as light and bright as we can made it by including BIG windows, Perspex in the door and by using our brilliant polycarbonate roofing (99% UV protective) which keeps the sun out, but lets the light in.  We also help to ensure coolness in the cubby by allowing air ventiliation between the roofing sheets and cladding.
    • The internal height gets as high as 2m in some sections, so great for us adults too!
    • We have selected Weathertex Cladding - the ultimate in cladding (we refuse to use the horrible cheap and nasty standard cladding). There are so many great things about it: Made in Australia, Zero Carbon Footprint, comes primed in white (saves you some painting time!), termite resistant, AND has a 25 year warranty not to rot, split or crack (needs to be painted though). It’s just AWESOME!
    • It takes about 6 hours to install.  2 people are required for installation - these cubbies are big and heavy so you definately need help.
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