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We are always coming up with awesome new projects.

Check these out and if anything is of interest, message us and we’ll provide you with more information.

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The Adventurer

This is the most awesome adventure cubby EVER!   Not only does it have an enclosed cubby space (with 1.5m internal height) but it comes with a large deck area perfect for adding all the active accessories.   The Adventurer package includes a rockwall and 2.5m plastic slide.  As with all our range, you are able to change the space around to create the perfect layout for you.

This Fort includes

  • 1 x unpainted flat packed cubby house with Perspex sliding window
  • 2 x handles
  • Ladder and balustrades
  • 1.2m wide rockwall with rocks
  • 2.5m plastic slide
  • Instructions
  • All screws required
  • Polycarbonate roof panels

Other accessories are purchased separately

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Activity Fort

Fun-Filled Fort!

Our head builder is so clever!  This amazing design includes everything a little kid could want – an awesome climb, a slide to go down, AND a café to play shop at.  NOW for what parents want!  A very easy to assemble Fort (in under an hour), and compact design, and a SUPER AWESOME PRICE!  The pieces of this Fort push together, and then you finish it off by screwing into place. 


The price includes the slide! It’s made using really thick 18mm plywood, so nice and strong.

Great for kids from age 18 months to 7 years.

This Fort includes

  • 1 x unpainted flat packed Fort (it will need to be painted)
  • 2.5m plastic slide
  • Instructions
  • Screws
  • Polycarbonate roof panels
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Kids Cafe 1
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Kids Cafe 2
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Kids Cafe

Price ranges from $160 - $200, plus delivery

1420mm high x 1200mm wide x 535mm deep

Two material options:

  1. 16mm MR MDF – White (great for inside use): $160 plus delivery.
  2. 18mm Plywood - Unpainted – Great for outdoor use (this requires painting): $200 plus delivery.

Installation – We have an easy video for you to follow. All the pieces push together. You will require a drill to finish off. It should all go together in just 10 mins!

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Custom Fort Cubby

This awesome creation is just perfect for a courtyard, or a space you need a specific size.  We can make it any size from 1.2m x 1.2m ($1,400) - up to 2.4m x 2.4m ($2,195) plus accessories and delivery.   Get the best of both worlds with an enclosed space below (no floor included), and an adventure space above.   You can add a slide to this cubby easily!   Standard floor height is 1.2m, but that can be changed as well! 

This Fort includes

  • 1 x unpainted flat packed Fort (it will need to be painted).
  • Instructions and Screws
  • Ladder
  • Cafe Window with 2 stools. 
  • Door with Perspex Window
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We had the grand opening (with ribbon cutting) last weekend.  My 7yo daughter had an esky & nibblies inside the cubby & severed “refreshments” from the bar/café servery to the invited dignitaries.  Thanks again for your support and well wishes.
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Now that we are well and truly back into the school year and daily grind, it’s easy for parental guilt to sink in. We’re so busy with work, life and endless to-do lists, we’re exhausted, and playing with our kids is not always our top priority. And it shouldn’t always be,

by. Gail Carroll
Categories. Children's Imaginations,My Cubby,Outdoor Fun
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