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Registered NDIS Provider

My Cubby are so excited to announce that we have just become a very proud NDIS provider so that we can help you create amazing play/therapy spaces for your children.  We can create solutions for developmental or social needs.   We can help work on muscle development using accessories like rockwalls, monkey bars, swing frames and cargo nets.    

All of our cubbies are made in our factory in Brisbane (Australian made – hooray!), and can be customised to suit your child's requirements, so we can create the perfect play/developmental space for them.  We can also make customised accessories like:  modified stairs and ramps for example.  

It is going to take us a little while to get our new NDIS pages added to our website. We are ready to help you though, so in the meantime contact us to discuss what it is you are after and we would love to help you.


Here are examples of the types of things we can offer. Images of all the swing and sensory accessories will be added to our website soon:

20190707 122942

Awesome All-ability Cubby

Mega Triplex with wheelchair access

Mega Triplex with wheelchair access

Resized 20210531 152830.jpeg

Customized Large Fort with Swing Arm

img1 (2)

Custom made stairs - fully enclosed, with hand rails.

Our supplier has amazing products sourced from Europe, America and China. We are supplying all sorts of adaptive swings, and swing frames as well.

Our NDIS Registration ID is: 4-G29GM9O. We are registered under Assistive Technology - Recreational Equipment Category, therefore if your NDIS plan states this category, we will be more than happy to assist you in the purchase process.

We can’t wait to help you create the perfect play spaces for your young ones.

Feel free to call: 1800 12 15 13 or email: gail@mycubby.com.au to chat further.  We can't wait to hear from you.

Riley Family

I have loved my MYCUBBY experience, it was super easy to purchase and arrived in speedy time.  The packaging was unreal, so easy to follow and not a single fight putting it together 

But above all else. My little guy LOVES! it (and for us it’s a heaven sent). I was so worried buying it that he wouldn’t play in it but honestly is worth every cent!  Thank you again! 

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