Fun Outdoor Things for Kids

It’s our mission to get kids back outside and into fun, healthy play

Here are some great ideas to help facilitate happy, healthy outdoor play

Healthy outdoor play

We also have lots and lots of great ideas on our Pinterest page - so feel free to check this out too.

Download these fun ideas for your kids

Scavenger Hunt

It's our mission to get kids back outside and into fun, health play.

Back Yard Scavenger hunt
Nature Scavenger hunt

My Cubby Mazes

Download our My Cubby Mazes to help the children find their Cubby

My Cubby Mazes

Maze 1 is for the younger kids

Maze 2 is a little more tricky for the older kids


We hope you all have lots of fun

How about taking the colouring pens outside and your kids can create their own dream cubby house colours!

Milk Container Flower Pots
Milk Container Flower Pots

We love any ideas about recycling, sustainability and caring for things. How about creating your own Milk Container Flower Pots!

Just cut a rectangle shape out of the container (about the size of the label on the front, make some holes in the bottom for drainage, add potting mix, then add your gorgeous flowers (or strawberries – yum!).

Thanks to our lovely customer Karen for this wonderful idea.

DIY Backyard Games
DIY Backyard Games

Check out this list of The Best DIY Backyard Games!

See the full list here :

Huge Outdoor Jenga
Huge Outdoor Jenga

How fun is this huge outdoor Jenga? It's so simple to make & will give your family many fun times in the backyard!

We found this, along with full instructions here

Xs and Os Outdoor Games
Xs and Os Outdoor Games

Take the game of Xs and Os outside -- and into the air -- with this supersize version. On a flat surface, stick strips of duct tape to a shower curtain, as shown. Use more tape to make Xs on four Frisbees or heavyweight plastic plates. You'll need four more disks or plates for Os.

To play, set up a throw line, then follow the rules of tic-tac-toe. If your disk lands off the board, in an already-claimed square, or centred on a line, throw it again.

Fun Shooting Game
Fun Shooting Game

How fun does this look for the whole family? All you need to do is cut shapes in a tarp, put tape on the edges and give a point value to each shape. Smaller kids can stand closer, older kids and adults further back!

Make it once and it's a fun and cheap game to play over and over and pull out at parties

Sidewalk Chalk Game
Sidewalk Chalk Game

Fun outdoor game for toddlers.
It helps learn colours and shapes

Need time and space? So do your kids!


Ah, space. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I’m an introvert, so people who know me understand just how important my space is to me. Especially the neighbours, who regularly hear my hollers of “I JUST NEED SOME SPACE!!!!!!!” when my daughter has perched herself on my

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