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Payment Terms
What are your payment terms?

50% paid on order confirmation, with balance payable when we advise cubby is ready for delivery. Cubbies are not dispatched until full payment has been received.   We accept credit card and direct bank deposit. Note credit cards incur a 1.8% surcharge.

Interest Free Terms:

Interest Free terms are only available on Full Price items - sales are always excluded.    Exclusions are:  Not available for Small Fort, Activity Fort or The Adventurer purchases and not available for our Installation or delivery services.   ZipMoney Terms and Conditions must be agreed before undertaking the Interest Free Offer.  $99 establish fee applies and $6.00 monthly account service charges also apply.  No other charges apply as long as the cubby is paid off within the stated 12 month period. 


Laybys (cubby paid off first and then you receive the cubby) are welcome, and we have very flexible terms: A minimum $100 deposit, then pay as much (or as little) as you like, when you like! Our only condition is that full payment is to be made within 12 months of the first payment. We will update you with statements each time you make a payment. If the layby is for Christmas delivery, final payment must be made by 10 November to ensure delivery can be made by Christmas.

Layby Cancellation Policy:

4 weeks or more before final payment is due: 20% cancellation fee applies. Less than 4 weeks notice: 40% cancellation fee applies. Special Deals: Occasionally we may offer a special deal. These are not available with any other offers - like the Activity and Imagination Packages, as these are already discounted.

Special Deals:
Customer Referral Program

We would love to reward your support of My Cubby - we really appreciate your business.  If a new customer purchases a cubby house after a referral from you (an existing customer), we will:

  • Send you (our existing customer) a $50 voucher of your choice (as long as we can purchase it online!)
  • Give your friend (our new customer) a $50 discount off their cubby house!



  • New customer MUST advise us of who referred them at the time of ordering (discount will not be applied after payment has been made)
  • Referral program doesn't apply for Small Forts
  • Referral program doesn't apply for Laybys or Interest Free Terms
  • Referral program doesn't apply in Sale periods
Refund Policy

We have never had to have a refund policy before - no one has ever wanted to return one!  We are adding this as a requirement of offering Interet Free Terms.   A customer is able to request a refund up to 7 working days BEFORE a cubby is picked up/dispatched.   Once we have started prepping the cubby and the cubby leaves our factory, no refund is available.    Once the cubby has been received, there is no refund for change of mind, as each cubby is custom made.   If a piece happens to be damaged due to freight or from our factory, we will replace the piece straight away.   Check out the warranty section for details of our materials warranty.  

Installation Queries
What tools do you need for installation of our cubby?
  • A spirit level
  • An electric screwdriver/drill
  • Hexagon drill bit
  • Ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Plenty of sunscreen and a hat if installing in the summer!
How hard is it to install, and how long does it take?

You need to be confident at tackling large handyman jobs and have the tools available, otherwise we suggest you utilise our installation service! The assembly time will vary between models, and depends on the ability of the people doing the install. We’ve done as much as we can in the factory to prepare the cubby for install which reduces the time and effort for you, including providing written instructions. We consider the installation of a Fort or Duplex would typically be one day’s work. If you start at say 9am, you should be finished by beer-o’clock! A Triplex or Mega Triplex would be a weekend job for 2 people.

Can you install the cubby for us?

Yes! No problem. We have a national installation company that we use. Pricing is available in the product section.

Does the cubby need to be concreted into the ground

No! All our cubbies are designed to sit directly on to the ground. They are very big and solid so aren't going anywhere! We do suggest though if you live in a high wind/cyclone area using stirrups is a highly recommended.

Painting tips?

We recommend painting before the cubby is installed if possible. This will save you time doing it this way. If you don't have time/room to paint everything before hand, we suggest painting: the roof battens (harder to do when the roofing is on!), any walls that will have a feature colour (saves the cutting in) and the walls and flooring - nice and easy to use a roller with.

Delivery Queries
What is the standard delivery time to receive My Cubby?

We usually supply within 10 working days (excluding courier travel time) except during period leading up to Christmas when things go a little crazy. Orders placed after 20 November cannot be guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery - but we do everything we can to ensure no-one misses out!

My Cubby is a Christmas present, so how close to Christmas can I get My Cubby delivered?

As discussed above, it is really busy around this period. We realise it’s probably supposed to be a surprise present and you would prefer it to arrive as close to Christmas as possible. This is not practical in most cases (we are flat out building and couriers are also very busy at this time of year), so for the peace of mind knowing you’ve received your cubby we suggest having it delivered early December. As this is a little big for their Christmas stocking, we can provide a letter from Santa personalised to your kids, explaining the reason for the early arrival of the present.

What is the size and weight of the shipping crate?

These vary according to which design you have purchased. Please ask, and we are happy to provide you with this information.

Freight Policy
  • Freight damage is covered by our courier’s insurance.  Customers are to check their packages within 3 working days of receiving them and notify My Cubby within 5 working days of any damage including photos for the insurance to apply.  
Design Queries
Can we change the design of our cubby?

Yes! Contact us about your specific requirements and we’ll do our best to help. It would be really useful for us to see a photo of where the cubby will be located, as we could have some ideas of what suits the area best. Note – there may be a charge for this service depending on the type of changes that are involved.

Do you paint the cubby?

No, cubbies are delivered “unpainted”, and we strongly recommend painting or staining soon after assembly to help protect your cubby from the weather.  Your cubby needs to be painted for our warranty to apply.

Do we have a choice of roof colour?

We only use silver coloured roofing. We find this is the best fit with our designs and also the silver works best on keeping spiders away!

Do I have to cut any timbers to size in the Do It Yourself (DIY) Cubby kit?

No, everything has been done for you. All the timber is cut to size, and each panel is packed and labelled with the relevant pieces in each pack.

Are there any accessories supplied with the cubby house?

Our cubbies are supplied with everything that is needed to build them. A standard feature that is supplied with the cubby if you have young children is a safety rail, which goes above the slide. Sandpits, slides and other accessories are all additional to the base price. The prices of the accessories are shown under the options panel for each model. A large range of accessories are available to be shipped with your cubby.

What different woods are used in your cubbies?

Our cubbies are made from the following materials: Plywood for the floors and walls, and LOSP (child friendly) treated pine.

Do you pre-drill the wood?

We don’t pre drill our cubbies as there are so many different ways to put the same cubby together which is why we have adopted a re-usable self drilling batten screw for installation.

Do your cubbies require Council Approval?

Every council has a different answer to this question - so basically you will have to check with your council to know the answer!   Most councils seem to be fine, as long as neighbours are fine, as our cubbies are non-permanent structures (sitting directly on the ground means they can be moved if required with a bit of heavy lifting).  Some councils may have height restrictions and some may have size restrictions.   Let us know if you need any more information from us after talking to your council.  

Warranty Queries
Do you have warranties on the cubbies?

Yes, 2 years on all materials supplied.  The cubby needs to be painted, with 3 coats of exterior paint (not stained) to protect it properly for the warranty to apply.   The roofing has a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.  Our slides come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

If you discover a broken cubby piece after delivery, we must be notified within 5 days for our freight insurance with our courier company to apply.  It is important to check all items upon delivery.

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