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Our gorgeous Classic cottage is the best quality in the market.   Made from fantastic materials, our cottages are super strong and built to last.   You have the option to elevate these cubbies so you can include slides, rockwalls etc to create the awesome-est playhouse ever!

This cubby includes

  • Flat pack Cubby (unpainted) (2.4m w x 1.8m d)
  • 2.4m w x 1.2m d verandah (including front balustrading)
  • Weathertex cladding - comes primed in white! 
  • 600mm floor height 
  • Stairs 
  • Polycarbonate roof panels
  • Front door with Perspex panel and door handle
  • 2 x Sliding Perspex windows (820mm h x 400mm w) for front
  • 1 x Sliding Perspex window (820mm w x 800mm h) for side 
  • Installation Instructions with photos
  • Screws 

Check out the Accessory section to see what other options are available.

Professional Installation


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Note: Our installer will require help lifting some of these pieces due to the heavy weight of them

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FACE to left
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LHS kids
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Classic with walkway
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Standard Layout
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Customised Classic Cubby
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Classic with veranahs both sides
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Classic with swing arm
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ClassicCubby 1
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ClassicCubby 2
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Classic cubby with additional Side Verandah and Slide
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Press play to see product information on this awesome cubby house

We have created this awesome cubby due to customer demand!

We could go on for hours about it, but we know your time is limited so here are the highlights:

  • Our framework is big and tough (like a house frame) and comes 600mm off the ground – so it’s great for ventilation and also if your ground is a little uneven so you can cut down legs to level.
  • Our cubby is as light and bright as we can made it by including BIG windows, Perspex in the door and by using our brilliant polycarbonate roofing (99% UV protective) which keeps the sun out, but lets the light in.  We also help to ensure coolness in the cubby by allowing air ventiliation between the roofing sheets and cladding.
  • The internal height gets as high as 2m in some sections, so great for us adults too!
  • We have selected Weathertex Cladding - the ultimate in cladding (we refuse to use the horrible cheap and nasty standard cladding). There are so many great things about it: Made in Australia, Zero Carbon Footprint, comes primed in white (saves you some painting time!), termite resistant, AND has a 25 year warranty not to rot, split or crack (needs to be painted though). It’s just AWESOME!
  • It takes about 6 hours to install.  2 people are required for installation - these cubbies are big and heavy so you definately need help.

   Cubby dimensions

Cubby House:  

  • 2.4m wide x 1.8m deep
  • Minimum Internal Height:   1.6m (sides)
  • Maximum Internal Height:  2m (middle) 
  • Overall height (from ground to top of roof:  2.75m


  • 2.4m wide x 1.2m deep

Overall (including cubby and verandah):

2.4m wide x 3m deep

Lift kit to 1.2m floor height including stairs
$ 160.00
Sliding Perspex window: (820 w x 900mm h)
$ 195.00
Slimline window pair fixed (820mm h x 200mm w)
$ 99.00
Swing arm option limit 35kg
$ 132.00
Side Cafe Window. Inside doors have blackboards on them
$ 245.00
   Nationwide Delivery Available

Metro Delivery Charges start from:


If you live outside the metro area, or other States please use the Contact Us form and we will provide you with the delivery charges to your postcode.

What makes our playhouses the best


Our polycarbonate roofing
(99% UV protective)

makes our cubby COOOOL and very light and bright. Because our roof doesn't hold heat or cold, our cubbies are playable all year round, warmer in winter, cooler in summer. Dark, hot cubbies are a thing of the past.


Portable and relocatable

Designed to move with you, our cubbies have integrated framework which means you can move them. No concrete is required so installation is also easy.


Spiders hate our cubbies!

Closed-in cubbies are known to be dark and hot - which spiders love. Spiders will not live in our cubbies, they are too bright airy for them!


We make great structural floor

This makes it easy to build over unlevel ground, no need for expensive ground preparation or frames to support flimsy floors. No digging or concrete either.



Standing heights from 1.7m at the lowest point to 2.0m at the peak means plenty of room for adults to play too.


Great Materials

My Cubby take pride in producing quality products. We are not the cheapest on the market, and we don’t aim to be. We have chosen to use Weathertex Cladding – not a cheap, standard cladding. The supports are made out of gorgeous Baltic Pine, and floor is made from 18mm thick plywood. We believe our cubbies are the most solid and toughest on the market. Our cubbies do require painting to survive the harsh Australian climate.


What do you want from your cubby?

HOT in the sun? Yes No
COLD in the winter? Yes No
Dark Inside? Yes No
Free from spiders? Yes No
Sitting on the ground rotting? Yes No
Expensive to lift (eg: concrete needed) Yes No
Relocatable? Yes No
Tall enough for an adult to stand in? Yes No
Australian made? Yes No
Designed for Australian conditions? Yes No
Engineered to last? Yes No
We have the best closed-in cubby
and ticks all your boxes!
Yes No

We have the most innovative closed-in cubby on the market that caters to everyone's requirements, and ticks all your boxes!

Riley Family

I have loved my MYCUBBY experience, it was super easy to purchase and arrived in speedy time.  The packaging was unreal, so easy to follow and not a single fight putting it together 

But above all else. My little guy LOVES! it (and for us it’s a heaven sent). I was so worried buying it that he wouldn’t play in it but honestly is worth every cent!  Thank you again! 

Customer feedback

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