What makes a MY Cubby Cubby Houses different (part 1)

Over 8 years of creating cubbies for customers including schools, day care centres, Make a Wish Foundation and most importantly kids has taught us many things. All of these things set My Cubby apart from other cubby house manufacturers and we believe, makes our cubbies not only the coolest, but the best choice for your family.

What makes a MY Cubby Cubby House different?

  1. OPEN FACE CUBBIES: It is important to see your kids play, closed doors do not always create healthy play – and you have no idea what your kids are up to in there!  When kids can see you during play they stay longer, are more comfortable playing and it is easier for them to communicate with you what they are doing.
  2. STAIRS: The industry standard 45 degree stairs may be easy to use but children don’t think when they use them and it creates more accidents. Our 30 degree stairs with trenched in treads for safety, make children approach them differently. One daycare centre we monitored went from 7+ accidents a day to no accidents at all over a 6 month testing period.
  3. LEVELS: Different levels make the cubby more fun, expanding their imaginations and creating more interest, but MOST importantly it eliminates any large fall points for young children. My children were in the cubbies safely before they could walk.
  4. SAFETY RAILS: ALL of our cubbies come with FULL handrails to any levels over 1m. This means they can’t accidently fall out or get pushed from the high points.   It also means the trusty-old trike cannot be ridden down the slide (my favourite thing to attempt as a child!).
  5. ROOFING: We consider this to be our most important innovation. We use a polycarbonate roofing which comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and has 99.9% UV protection. This roofing breaks down the temperature MORE than any other option available. Closed in spaces with metal roofs are HOT and the radiant heat collected makes cubbies unusable in hot weather. Spiders and creepy crawlies hate our roofing, you will not get any long term 8-legged guests anywhere on our cubbies that have a clear view of our roof system. 8 years of thorough testing show that when the sun hits our roof, the spiders move out.

Read on to find out the rest of the reasons (yes there’s more!) 😉

What makes a MY Cubby Cubby Houses different


by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby House Research, Cubby Houses, My Cubby

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