Summer Outdoor Fun

It’s an absolutely glorious day – the first sign that summer is really on its way. Our kids were determined to have their first swim of the season (in our blow up kiddy pool!). The water is freezing – you won’t get me anywhere near it, but the kids are squealing with delight and just loving every minute of it.

It reminds me once again how important being outdoors is – there is nothing like the pure, innocent, happy fun that is created outside (and a little plastic pool occasionally!). Kids’ imaginations are all they require to have a brilliant time.

This summer I’m determined we are going to spend as much time in the great outdoors as we can (obviously plastered in sun screen and wearing big hats of course!). I have come up with a list of free and easy Sumer outdoor fun ideas that I know the kids will love. We hope you enjoy these ideas, and would love to hear your ideas to add to our list!

Run through a sprinkler or a hose: There is no better outdoor fun than running through a sprinkler! Bonus for us parents – it tires our little angels out! If you have a trampoline, you can position the sprinkler under it – it does make it a little slippery though.

Summer Outdoor Fun

Explore a new playground: There are so many gorgeous playgrounds/parks in Australia, and they seem to be constantly updating or creating new ones. There are also some great websites detailing parks around us, so check them  out and go exploring

Bush walking:  Most local parks have a bush area. It doesn’t need to be big, but it’s a big adventure for the kids. Go and explore! We discovered this gorgeous little creek – just deep enough for the kids to paddle their feet in. They had a brilliant time (and made some new friends).

Summer Outdoor fun for kids

Find a grassy hill and roll down it! Have races with each other – I can’t run as fast as my kids anymore, but I can still beat them in a “rolling down the hill” race!

Summer Outdoor Fun rolling down a hill

More water play! Find a little creek (must be safe and adult supervised), and just play.  This photo shows a big stone bridge being built. We had 6 kids all collecting stones that could be used to help build it. Then they were playing to build a castle with a moat. This was almost 2 hours of entertainment!

Summer Outdoor Fun play

Collect petals from lovely smelling flowers and create your own perfume. We used to do this as children and it’s still just as much fun now!

Play hide and seek outdoors – hilarious fun. You have to get very creative, and I recommend not hiding behind little trees, the kids will find you in no time (I keep trying and they keep finding me!).

All help make a picnic to eat outside. A honey or cheese sandwich tastes so much yummier outdoors!

We are also super lucky that we have one of our My Cubby cubby houses to play in year round. I love that the kids can escape out there and just have a brilliant time using their imagination. It’s so nice not to have to leave the house to get the physical and imaginative play that our kids need all the time.

Summer Outdoor fun in our cubby

We hope you have a brilliant time outdoors this summer.

One of the best things about being outdoors for me is I’m away from my chores and jobs – I can’t say “coming, I’ve just got one job to do”.  There is nothing to do but be with your kids and just have fun. It’s something all of us need as much as we can.



by Gail Carroll
Categories: My Cubby, Outdoor Fun

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