Picnic foods kids can make themselves

Spring is the perfect time to get out and about for family picnics.

One way to make picnics even more fun for the kids is to let them make the food themselves. Not only does this add to the enjoyment for them, it makes it an even bigger activity and teaches them valuable skills. The goal here isn’t to make complicated or fancy food. It’s about simple food that the kids can prepare themselves, making that all part of the fun activity of the picnic.

Here are our favourite “no cook” picnic foods kids can make themselves:

Fairy bread:  what party, picnic or fun lunch is complete without fairy bread? The easiest (and less messy) way for the kids to make it is to pour the 100’s & 1000’s into a bowl big enough to fit a slice of bread. Butter the bread & press it onto the 100’s & 1000’s. Give it a little shake off and it’s done! Supervise cutting it into triangles for perfect fairy bread pieces. (Try Nutella instead of butter/ margarine for something different, but we warn you- it can be addictive!)

Fruit skewers:  not only healthy but refreshing and tasty! Depending on the age of the children, a parent can prepare it by cutting up fruit such as pineapple and watermelon. Fruit like grapes are great for kids to be able wash and then slide onto skewers themselves. Care needs to be taken with the pointy end of the skewers. Parents can pre-stick the fruit before the kids load it on in their preferred pattern to lessen the risk.

Cold rolls:  all the fun is in the assembly! The best part about cold rolls is you can put any ingredients in them that you like. Left over chicken from dinner? Chop it up and use it. Slice up cucumber, celery, carrot and any ingredient you like in long strips to add to small, round rice paper sheet. They’re so simple to just dip in water, place in ingredients and then roll up. Your kids will love making these.

Sandwich shapes: nothing beats a good old fashioned sandwich!  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just simple, easy for the kids to make favourites like spreads or ham and cheese are perfect. They can be made even more exciting by using cookie cutter shapes to make them something special for the picnic.

Don’t forget to pack extra pieces of fruit and drink bottles. The kids will be so proud that they have prepared this picnic for themselves and the family.

Don’t wait for a special day, any day is perfect to get outside for a picnic in your cubby, a tent, or under a big shady tree – especially a delicious one made by the kids!

picnic foods kids can make



by Gail Carroll
Categories: My Cubby, Outdoor Fun

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