Outdoor Christmas Activities For The School Holidays

Here in Queensland, it’s the last week of school – and for three weeks already, my daughter has been asking me what we will be doing over the school holidays! I’m also asking myself…

Sadly, we will not be holidaying in Vanuatu. We also won’t be camping (too hot!), spending endless days relaxing on the beach (we live in the sticks and everywhere is on fire) or having a big Christmas do with family (they’re all interstate).

I am, however, betting on winning that Gold Coast townhouse I bought a raffle ticket for, which will be drawn on Christmas Eve. I’ve already started packing!

In the unlikely event we won’t be moving house on Christmas Day, I’ve brainstormed some outdoor Christmas activities to keep my mini cyclone entertained over the festive season. You might find some of these helpful, too.

  1. Decorate the cubby house

If you didn’t use all your decorations when you put your Christmas tree up in early November, use them to give the cubby a festive make-over. You could even set up a cubby house Christmas tree using some leafy branches.

  1. Make nature Christmas decorations

Instead of spending money on environmentally unfriendly tinsel and plastic baubles, get the kids to create their own decorations using whatever they find in the backyard.

  1. Have a Christmas morning tea outside or in the cubby

You could do this on Christmas Day or any day over the school holidays. Mince pies, cherries, watermelon, shortbread, fruit cake – all these morning tea treats taste better outside!

  1. Go for a Christmas light walk

Ditch the car and walk around your neighbourhood in the early evening to appreciate the festive spectacle. Or, if your neighbours don’t get into the whole Christmas lights thing, drive to an area that does and go for a stroll with the kids.

  1. Have a Christmas treat hunt

Hide some mini Santa chocolates or other Christmas treats around the backyard for the kids to find.

  1. Get Santa to deliver presents to the cubby house

You could have a quiet word with Santa and ask him to deliver the kids’ Christmas presents to their cubby house, rather than putting them under the tree or at the foot of the bed. Make a trail of Christmas treats or leftover reindeer carrots leading up to the cubby for the littlies to follow.

Most of all, from the team at My Cubby, remember to have a merry and safe Christmas and a happy New Year!


Christmas Activities For Kids

Written by Lauren from Full Stop Publishing.


by Gail Carroll
Categories: Children's Imaginations, Cubby House for Christmas, Cubby Houses, Outdoor Fun

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