It’s ok to get messy in your cubby!

One of our favourite things about making cubby houses is how children get so excited about their cubbies, not just because it’s something to play with, but it’s their own special place. They love spending hours doing so many activities in their cubby. We’ve found parents love it too because kids can be as creative (aka messy) as they want out in their cubby. It’s not inside so it’s ok!

Because our cubbies are made for outdoors they are so much easier to do a quick clean up at the end of the day, from a wipe over or a sweep up to a full hose out! Kids are more likely to help do this cleaning up with no fuss, because it’s still outside and fun!  Part of our kids “accessories” in their cubby is a cleaning kit – the kids love using it!

What are our top messy cubby activities?

Painting– Whether you’ve added a laminate flooring to your cubby or just have the wood flooring, even craft paint that doesn’t get cleaned up adds to the character! No risk of getting paint on inside furniture or carpet, being in the cubby gives them a designated painting space where if some paint gets on the floor it’s ok, or easier cleaned.  We accidentially ended up with our son’s footprints on our cubby floor after he stood in the paint while we were painting it – we love the character it has added to the cubby.

Nature crafts. Being outdoors already, it’s the perfect opportunity to collect fallen leaves, bark, sticks and petals plus dirt, sand and small pebbles and make art! You can stick them to paper using sticky tape or glue.

Cubby kitchen– Who doesn’t love a mud pie? Kids love to cook up a storm in their cubbies, from mud pies and cakes to sand tea and coffee. A personal favourite is making a special soup of grass and leaves- Yum!  And who doesn’t love a special mud coffee or two!  A few bowls and something to stir provides hours of imagination play!

Play dough– Anyone who has ever tried to get play dough out of carpet knows it’s a good idea to do it outside! When the kids don’t have to concentrate so hard on keeping the area clean, they can be a lot more creative with their play dough projects!

Tea party– School holidays and weekends are lunch in the cubby days right? Whether it’s a picnic on the floor on a rug or high tea at a little table and chairs, eating breakfast, lunch or tea in your cubby is so much more fun! Again, a little bit of mess isn’t a big deal, plus if you have pets, they’re right there for leftovers and clean up 😉

Dress ups- Dress ups are awesome at anytime, but add a cubby in the mix and it takes their imagination to a whole new level! The cubby is now a castle with a prince or princess dressed up in it, or a superheros headquarters, a villains lair or a captains ship. Adding messy but fun accessories to games and costumes like silly string, glitter and streamers will make it a true delight for your children!

It’s ok to get messy in your cubby

We’d love to hear about your favourite messy play activities!


by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby Houses, My Cubby, Outdoor Fun

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