Five tips for an Easter egg hunt your kids will love

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There’s no escaping it. Easter weekend, your kids are going to eat chocolate. LOTS of chocolate!  You may be the healthiest family on the planet, but it doesn’t matter. Your kids will still get so much chocolate from well-meaning friends and relatives, you will probably have to help them eat it.

It’s a tough job, this parenting gig, right?

So, since a three-day chocolate party is pretty much unavoidable at this time of year, why not get your kids outside and moving with an Easter egg hunt?

I know what you’re thinking. “So much effort for so little gain. It’ll be over before I’ve even finished my morning coffee!”

Now, I like my daily triple-shot espresso as much as the next parent. But there are some simple things you can do to make your Easter egg hunt that little bit special – and last longer than five minutes. We’ve put together a list of ideas to help you create an Easter egg hunt your kids will remember for years to come. And we’ve also included a downloadable PDF that will make life even easier for you (see tip no. 5).

Here are our top five tips for a successful, stress-free Easter egg hunt:

1.    Give your kids a checklist.

Write a list of the eggs hidden in your backyard, eg. 1 golden rabbit, 4 red mini eggs, 3 green eggs. Get your kids to tick off the eggs as they find them. This will encourage cooperation between siblings, and helps you keep track of how many eggs there are still left to find.

2.    Give your kids a map.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a cartographer for this! A simple mud map of the backyard will do, with an X to mark the spots where the goodies are hidden.

3.    Think outside the egg.

An Easter hunt doesn’t have to be eggs only. Include a variety of chocolate and non-chocolate items, eg. fluffy bunny, toy chicks, sticker books, pens, etc.

4.    Make it a night-time hunt.

What kid doesn’t like playing with a torch? A night-time Easter egg hunt is exciting and the kids will get a real kick out of doing something different. Once all the eggs have been found, you and the kids can have a sneaky Easter egg supper while lying on a blanket watching the stars.

5.    Have a scavenger hunt.

This is great for older and younger kids alike. Give your child a clue so they can find the first egg, then hide a clue with each of the remaining eggs (except for the last one, of course!). Depending on the ages of your children, you can be as creative as you like with your clues. For younger children who aren’t reading yet, picture clues are a great idea. If this sounds too hard, we’ve made it easier for you with our free printable picture clues! Simply download, print and cut out. There’s also a sheet that allows you to create your own. Download your scavenger hunt clues now to get started!


So, as you can see, an Easter egg hunt can be as simple or creative as you want it to be. Whatever you decide to do, your kids will love it – and may even share some of their chocolate booty with you.


Written by Lauren Shay from Full Stop Publishing on behalf of My Cubby – Happy Easter everyone!



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