Five Easy Cubby House Decoration Ideas


When I was a kid, I appointed myself chief cubby house decorator. I remember spending an entire afternoon with my mini paint set, standing on tippy toes and painting as much of the wooden walls as I could reach. I’d turned the boring brown planks into a beautiful, splodgy rainbow. I was chuffed with my work.

My mother was not. In fact, she even tried to wash my masterpiece off!

I was dumbfounded by her disapproval. I still remember that feeling I felt so often as a kid: that my parents lived in an entirely different, extremely confusing and utterly boring dimension to me!

I think it’s important to let kids have ownership over their special spaces. It helps with their confidence, decision-making skills and creativity. But I also understand not every parent wants their kids’ beautiful new cubby house caked in paint and glitter glue!

Here are some simple ideas for cubby house decoration that won’t require paint stripper or chemical masks if things don’t go according to plan:

1.  Wall sticker art

Wall stickers and murals are an easy, no-mess way of letting your kids express themselves. There are so many cute designs available, too. Browse online with your kids and let them choose a design for the interior of their cubby. And if you get tired of the stickers, they can be removed without damaging the walls.

2.  Bunting

Bunting is fun, colourful and easy to make. Simply cut triangles of paper and get your kids to decorate them. Use a sewing machine to sew the triangles together in a long line. Leave extra thread at both ends to hang the bunting in your cubby house (you could also stick the bunting in place with Blu Tack). If your children are a little older and can use scissors, they could cut triangles out of different material or old clothes for a fabric bunting.

3.  Whiteboards and corkboards

A whiteboard on the cubby wall means kids can create a different masterpiece every day. Just make sure they use whiteboard markers and not permanent markers! Corkboards can be used to pin up special drawings, school work and photos.

4.  Pot plants: the real and no-mess kind

Add some greenery – and get your kids interested in gardening – with a little indoor pot plant garden. Herbs, succulents and alfalfa are easy for children to grow and tend to. Kids can decorate the pots with shells, pebbles and seed pods. Of, if you’d prefer a cubby garden of the no-mess variety, fill pots with wedges of foam and poke in some colourful fake flowers and leaves.

5.  Cosy corner

What better way to get your kids to switch off the TV than with their own cosy cubby corner? Let them choose some cushions, a beanbag and colourful mat. Find a cardboard box they can decorate to store their favourite books, then enjoy a quiet cuppa as they have some reading/chill out time.


For more ideas on how to deck out your kids’ cubby house, check out My Cubby’s fun accessories here:


Fun cubby house interiors

Fun cubby house interiors


Post written by Lauren Shay from Full Stop Publishing, on behalf of My Cubby (lovers of getting kids back outside into happy, healthy play).


by Gail Carroll
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