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Our mission at My Cubby is to provide children with a sense of freedom, fun and adventure, and get kids back outside into happy, healthy fun.  Recently, we were delighted to have our work featured the Bupa Life Insurance blog about fun activities to enjoy with your child! It’s wonderful for us to have been asked to contribute to the article, as it lets us know we are being recognised for enhancing the lives of children, and bringing them and their parents closer together.

A Space of Their Own

Having their own cubby house is a wonderful experience for any child. It gives them the freedom of having a space that belongs to only to them, where they can feel free to express themselves and use their imaginations in a whole variety of ways. There are no limits as to what the cubby house can become in their minds on any given day! It encourages independence and develops their confidence. But best of all, it’s outdoors, so they’re actually getting some fresh air and exercise instead of being stuck in front of the television or a computer game! It’s a healthy activity for both body and mind.

Time to Spend Together

We all want to strengthen the bonds with our children, but life sometimes gets in the way. These days our lives are so busy that it’s rare that we get the time to play. Whenever you’re in the house there always seems to be a distraction. The evening meal needs cooking, a friend calls in unexpectedly, the phone never seems to stop ringing, bills need to be paid, the list goes on. A great solution is to take playtime outdoors; this way you can free yourself from all these distractions and have some proper quality time together with your children. As mentioned in the article, ’12 Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids’, outdoors is ‘the perfect setting for a range of activities with your kids, allowing you all the chance to breathe in the fresh air.’

Bonding and Learning Through Play

Spending time in your child’s cubby house allows you to meet them on their terms for a change and get involved in the world of their imagination. You can make up any conceivable scenario and have plenty of fun and laughter together as you act them out! You’ll both benefit from being out in the fresh air, and it’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about the environment and different plant and animal life, as well as the weather!

A cubby house can be a great experience for you and your children. It is a place where you can create precious memories to treasure for a lifetime. At My Cubby, we are proud to be part of that.


by Gail Carroll
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