We can create the perfect custom cubby house for your backyard

We love to work with you to create the perfect cubby house to suit your needs, backyard space or any obstacles or features of your yard. We have put together some examples of some very clever, interesting and fun custom cubby houses and forts that we have helped our customers come up with. If you have a tricky space to work with, get in touch with us and we will sort you out a custom cubby solution!

This cubby adds such a fun element of being nestles amongst the trees. This makes the cubby look fantastic and means the kids have such a great prop for their imagination play. The hidden walk way from the section of the yard behind the retaining wall makes use of a previously unused part of the yard. This family have chosen to add one of our swing sets. This is a magical and thoroughly entertaining play space!

custom made cubby house design Australia


This custom Mega Triplex cubby design makes full use of the retaining wall to have the raised cubby on the lower level, taking the kids up to the higher level and then back down using the slide in  another location. It gives the kids access to the second level in their own special way and creates interest and excitement, rather than the cubby house just being on one level.

Mega Triplex custom cubby


This cubby is a great example of using the existing features of a backyard. This small fort has been put next to the tree with a walkway added to a platform in the tree. Every child loves a tree house and this is a great take on a traditional tree house. The rockwall as always adds another point of entry, exit and fun.

small fort custom cubby with tree house platform


This very cool custom play area is hidden amongst the trees. It is two small forts with a walkway to connect them. One Fort doesn’t have a roof so it is an open top platform to take full advantage of the trees surrounding it. The second fort has a rockwall. Isn’t it amazing?

forts with walkway custome cubby house design


This is another example of using an added walkway or opening on a cubby house to give the kids access to another part of the yard. It adds to the fun and excitement for the kids to have their own secret entry or special entrance to different areas in the backyard.

custom cubby with walkway


Many yards have retaining walls which can sometimes feel like wasted space. By incorporating the retaining wall into your custom cubby house design you make use of unused space and save room in the main area of the backyard.

fort over retaining wall custom made cubby

Custom cubby house Australia


This custom cubby was created to fit in a tricky area. We can help you create a cubby that will sit easily and safely on uneven surfaces.

DIY cubby house on uneven ground


You can see more of our custom cubby house designs here. Please contact us with any questions you might have about a tricky area in your back yard that you would like to make use of with a cubby house for your children. We will work with you to find a great solution.






by Gail Carroll
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