Cubby houses inspire Physical and Mental Development

As important as physical play is, the long term use of a cubby involves more mental play and imagination.  The cubby represents a small house of their own to play in involving all the aspects of home. You can add a kitchen, set up a loungeroom to relax in, have a café where the kids can make their own menu’s , have a sandpit for creative play.  Our kids even have come up their own rules for their “house” (Friday nights is cleaning night at their place).  It’s so lovely to see their sense of responsibility grow.

When we integrate physical play items like slides, firemans poles, cargo nets, rock climbing walls etc we always make sure that it is properly integrated into the cubby to encourage lots of use.  A rock wall that goes nowhere will end up with short term limited play before they get bored with it.

It’s so cool making cubby houses that provide the all-round developmental needs of kids.   Kids learn so much by play and imagination.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


by Gail Carroll
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Cubby house “makeovers” for imaginative play

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