The My Cubby Ultimate Christmas Wish List

We’ve put together our favourite items that would make for the ultimate Christmas gifts for your children. The investment of a My Cubby cubby house and quality imagination toys and accessories isn’t just for the day, month or year; it’s for many years to come. It isn’t just to “occupy” them, it’s to entertain and delight them, inspire them, motivate them and educate them,

Number 1 on the Christmas wish list has to be a cubby house. It’s the base of operations for your children and their family and friends for years to come. It’s their own space to be fit, health and play. It’s their quiet space and safe haven. It’s their own special world.

A popular mid size cubby that will fit most back yards is the Triplex cubby. Being bigger than the duplex, but smaller than the Mega Triplex, it is the perfect mix. The Triplex has a great size lower level that is brilliant for imagination play. This is where you would add your accessories like a kitchen or a tool bench. It’s plenty big enough for a table and chairs where your children can sit for artwork, reading or picnics.  It has a 1.2m café counter at the front and there is a great 600mm roofing overhang in front of the café – perfect for keeping the rain out and providing shade. The upper activity level where you can add your slide, fireman’s pole, rock wall, steering wheels, telescopes or cargo nets. It really is the perfect mix of imagination and active play, or quiet time and full on fun!

My Cubby Triplex Cubby Christmas wish list


Number 2 on the Ultimate Christmas wish list comes from our range of imagination play toys. These fit perfectly into your cubby, bedroom or playroom. Every child loves to play in a kitchen. We ensured we have unisex options because boys LOVE to cook too, and should be encouraged to do so. The Red Vintage Kitchen and Uptown Espresso Kitchen are our most popular designs due to their unisex flexibility. For an added feature in your kitchen we have high quality and very cute accessories like a toaster, baking set and play food.

My Cubby Christmas Wish List


Our Deluxe Wood Easel is a perfect gift for your children. It features a chalkboard surface, dry-erase surface and large paper roll. Drawing, painting and writing using this is not only enjoyable for the kids, allowing them to be creative and produce art they are proud of, it’s valuable learning for them to practice drawing, writing and painting.

Delux Wooden Easel My Cubby Christmas Wish List

Number 3 is larger accessories to add to your freshly ordered or existing cubby house and play area. The best thing about our cubbies is you can continue to add to them. Many customers come back for a second cubby and add a walkway in between the two for the ultimate play area as their children get older and getting more active and confident. The Cargo Bridge is a fantastic climbing addition. The polyhemp rope cargo net provides just enough challenge whilst being strong enough to support the child’s weight.

Cargo Bridge My Cubby Christmas Wish List

Another favourite large accessory that can be a standalone feature for the younger children is The ELC Pirate Ship. Kids can be the captain of their own ship! This brilliant timber playground includes a fun boat steering wheel, along with a sandpit area in the front for multiple play activities.

ELC Play Train My Cubby Christmas Wish List


We ship all these items Australia wide. There is still time to order these for Christmas, but if you would like to utilise our cubby installation service you should book in ASAP as the dates closest to Christmas are filling up fast!

For all shipping quotes please email Gail at or call us toll free on 1800 12 15 13 to discuss all your needs.

It is our mission here at My Cubby to get kids back outside and playing. With the huge increases in technology has come more sedative activity and screen time. Active, outdoor play is vital for children’s mental and physical health, their social skills, co-ordination, imagination, learning and development. Play is not just play. Through play children learn and thrive. This is why we work so hard to create the absolute best cubby houses in Australia so your kids can have an amazing play area that they will be so excited to play in everyday.


by Gail Carroll
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