20 ideas for outdoor play these school holidays

School holidays. When you’re a kid, these two words are golden. As the calendar flips over into December, their promise glimmers on the horizon like a glorious mirage. Hooray, school holidays! Weeks of doing whatever I want! Fun! Games! Weird midday movies on TV!

Two days into the holidays, reality sets in. No one feels this more than the parents, who must endure the same school-holiday anthem over, and over, and over again:

“Mum! Dad! I’m bored!”

Fortunately, there are heaps of quick and easy ways to keep your kiddos busy these school holidays so you don’t go completely bonkers. Here are 20 fun activities your kids can do outside:

1.  Dance party. Take the tunes outside and get grooving!

2.  Outdoor cinema. Make some popcorn, grab some beanbags or cushions, make yourself comfy under a shady tree and choose a movie to watch on your iPad or tablet.

3.  Backyard bake-off. Younger kids can create and decorate playdough cakes and cupcakes, then have an imaginary tea party.

4.  Wash the dog. You may as well make the kids useful! Put some suds in a bucket and get them to give your pooch a wash.

5.  Bring indoor games outside. Set up some board games on an outdoor table or picnic blanket.

6.  Nature photography. Do you have an old digital camera gathering dust in a cupboard? Let your kids experiment with taking photos in the backyard. They could even put their snaps into a photo album.

7.  Backyard library. Gather some books, lay down a blanket, have some snacks within arm’s reach and enjoy some quiet time.

8.  Outdoor Zumba. Run a Zumba class in your own backyard! Look up some videos on YouTube, prop up your tablet on a chair or table, and get moving.

9.  Doll bubble bath. Spring clean those dolls by filling a bucket with water and bubble bath and handing your kids a sponge.

10.  Make a movie. Use an old digital camera or, if you’re game, let your kids use your phone to make home videos in the backyard.

11.  DIY vases. Don’t throw away those used jars – wash them, gather some crafty bits and pieces (scraps of fabric, buttons, ribbon), get some glue and let the kids decorate their “vases”. Gather flowers, sticks and leaves to make bouquets.

12.  Play under the sprinkler. And give the lawn a decent water at the same time

13.  Blow bubbles. A tried and true classic

14.  Wash the car. A chore for adults, fun water activity for kids

15.  Tie dying. Create some funky t-shirts! Tie dying kits can be bought online or at art and craft shops

16.  Hula hoops. So cheap, so many uses – think hula catch, hula obstacle course, hula hop scotch, hula toss and hula leap frog.

17.  Make a herb garden. Choose an unused spot in the backyard or use an old pot. Let your children choose the herbs they want to grow and decorate their garden with shells and pebbles.

18.  Create a backyard treasure hunt.  Can be made easy or hard depending on the age of your children.

19.  Backyard explorers. Go on a backyard journey with a pair of binoculars and magnifying glass. What can your kids find that they hadn’t noticed before?

20.  Have a backyard picnic. Food is always a winner!


So, next time you hear the dreaded “I’m bored!”, choose an activity from this list and save your sanity these school hols!


Fun outdoor play

Fun outdoor play


Post written by the awesome Lauren Shay, from Full Stop Publishing, on behalf of My Cubby – wanting to get kids back outdoors into happy, healthy play!


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