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We love encouraging healthy outdoor fun for kids

Healthy outdoor fun for kids

We (Paul and Gail) started My Cubby way back in 2011 after a seriously long and boring search trying to find an exciting, modern cubby house for our two young children. After seeing the same old traditional box style cubbies (that end up being used as glorified toy boxes!) that just seemed so boring to us, we finally came across these amazing cubbies, and loved the unique design so much that we set up My Cubby to get more of these cubbies out there for kids to enjoy as much as our children do. We think our cubbies are perfect for our Australian Climate.

I (Gail) work full time in the business from home, and love that it allows me the flexibility to be available for the kids - I'm so lucky.  When we started the business we had a 3 and 1 year old, and it was just a tad challenging attempting to act like a professional business woman whilst having 2 young ones chasing me around the house demanding my attention whilst was on the phone to customers!  Luckily for me, our customers completely got it and often had the same issues with their kids at the same time, so we could have a good laugh about it!   I can't quite believe our children are almost 9 and 7 now (how did that happen so fast!).  I can actually pretend a little better that I'm a business woman during the hours of 9 and 3.30pm now! 

Paul works part-time in the business installing cubbies in Melbourne in his spare time (lucky he loves it!).

Our vision when we started this business was the try and help get kids back outside into happy, healthy play.   Cubby houses are an awesome way to do this as they are all about fun, laughter, with lots of different play spaces to help kids imaginations grow. Not dark and hot, where you have no idea what your kids are doing! Our cubbies do a brilliant job at keeping kids physically and mentally active due to the different levels of play space. So whilst kids are just having a brilliant time playing, they are actually being super healthy without knowing it (shhh … don’t tell them!)

My Cubby use fantastic builders with over 30 years’ experience in the building industry. David has been designing and building his individual brand of cubbies for over 9 years. Our aim is to get children back outside and into physical and imaginative play that all kids need. Safety is vital in the design and making of our cubbies, right down to the smallest detail like changing the gradient of the steps by just a few degrees to make children less likely to fall.

We have over 1,000 cubby houses around Australia now, and continually receive fantastic feedback. I am very proud of the fact that we do our utmost to provide the best-est (yes, I've created a word!) customer service combined with the awesome-est (yes, another new word!) cubby houses in Australia.   

We are members of Play Australia and are fully across the Australian Standards for Playgrounds. 

We would love to help you create your dream cubby so your family can enjoy years of backyard fun and laughter as we have had.

Our Customer Service Promise

Being busy parents ourselves, we know how valuable time is, so we promise to provide prompt response to your queries, within 24 hours, 7 days per week (excluding public holidays). We also promise to provide fantastic customer service from your first query and ending with your child’s first adventure in a My Cubby cubby house

Customer service promise

Need time and space? So do your kids!


Ah, space. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I’m an introvert, so people who know me understand just how important my space is to me. Especially the neighbours, who regularly hear my hollers of “I JUST NEED SOME SPACE!!!!!!!” when my daughter has perched herself on my

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