Why we sell Kids Cubby Houses!

Welcome to the My Cubby blog!  Paul and I still get surprised sometimes – even after almost 3 years, that we are actually living our dream of encouraging kids back outside, playing in our gorgeous cubby houses.  We grew up as kids exploring with friends and just coming home for food and sleep!  Now days, kids seem to spend so much time inside, playing/watching technology, being sedentary and we were quite determined that we wanted to change that and find a way for kids to be safely outside exploring, imagining, smiling and laughing like we used to (I am making us sound really old aren’t I!).

We fell in love with our cubbies the first time we saw them, they ticked all our requirements:   they are open plan – so really suit our Australian climate (not hot boxes like the old fashioned closed in cubbies) AND we could see our kids playing in them, so knew they were safe.  They have polycarbonate roofing which is 99% UV protective.  They provide different levels of play – so brilliant for kids imaginations AND lastly they look so cool (sorry, we do think looks count when it comes to cubby houses!).

We’ve had our own cubby for over 3 years now, and our kids still play in it as often as they can.  Watching them grow and develop in their cubby is fascinating.  Kids imaginations are amazing, and inspire us to find our imaginations too (I am now a pretty amazing co-pilot in our kids “plane”).   I can’t imagine what our outdoor play would have been like without our cubby.  Regularly all 5 of us (including our big dog) are in our cubby – that’s our fun.

Our hopes for this blog are to inspire you and your families to explore the amazing world we live in – there is just nothing like being outdoors!

Thanks for reading our first ever blog!

Gail and Paul

Paul and Gail in our cubby house!
Paul and Gail in our cubby house!

by Gail Carroll
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