The Ultimate Kids Christmas present!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a parent. So, you know the Christmas drill:  Buy copious amounts of $1-$50 toys. Look up gift-wrapping ideas on Pinterest. Think to heck with that. Wrap presents as quickly as possible and get sticky tape stuck in your hair. Throw presents under Christmas tree. Eat Santa’s biscuits and drink his milk (scotch if you’re lucky). Get poked awake by the gremlins darlings at 5am. Watch as they tear open their presents and play with them for a few hours. Spend the next 12 months finding forgotten toys under couches, behind curtains and beneath your foot in the dark (yowch!).

Before the cycle begins again, STOP! There is an alternative!

All those $1-$50 presents add up. And their novelty factor lasts about as long as my annual enjoyment of Christmas carols (one three-minute carol).

Why not put all that money into one big, quality present that children of all ages will enjoy for years to come – not just a day or two? Why not save yourself the stress of gift buying?

Sound good? Then make this year’s Christmas present a cubby house!  A cubby house is not only an investment in your sanity during the silly season, it’s an investment in your kids’ imagination, creativity, problem-solving skills, curiosity, self-confidence and sense of fun.

Think of all the time you’ll save scouring the shops for gifts, all the money you’ll save on cheap pieces of plastic, and all the cuppas you’ll be able to savour in peace while the kids play in their backyard cubby! When you think about it, there really is no gift that offers a higher return on investment than a cubby house (glass of bubbly, box of chocolates and a kid-free bubble bath aside).

Best of all, you don’t have to pay for your cubby house all at once. My Cubby offers a buy now, pay later option with a flexible monthly payment plan. Get your extended family – grandparents, aunties, uncles – on board, too. They can contribute to the cost – which makes Christmas easier for everyone!

If you’d like to avoid the Christmas craziness at the shops this year, contact Gail at for more information on how you can give your kids the best Christmas present ever.


How awesome would it be for Santa to bring a cubby this year!

How awesome would it be for Santa to bring a cubby this year!



by Gail Carroll
Categories: Children's Imaginations, Cubby House for Christmas, Cubby Houses, My Cubby

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