Top 15 Reasons to Get a Cubby House

Cubby houses offer so many fantastic learning and play opportunities for children. They give us parents a bit of a break, too!

And here’s some more great news: My Cubby currently has 15% off its cubby range with its New Year sale!*

So, if you’ve been thinking of getting a cubby house for your kiddliwinks, now is a perfect time.

And here are some more incentives to get a cubby house: our top 15 reasons why a cubby house is the best present ever!

  1. A cubby house gives you “me time”. When you’re constantly juggling work, the kids and the household, it’s easy for your own health and wellbeing to come last. Having a cubby house that you can banish send the kids to means you get some much-needed R&R!
  1. Your kids get their own space, too. Children need their own time and space to play on their terms and let their imaginations run wild.
  1. A cubby encourages physical activity. Research shows that not even one in five Aussie children aged between five and 17 get the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Exercise is critical to developing motor skills, keeping kids healthy and building their confidence.
  1. Cubby houses get your kids playing outside. One study found that one in three kids don’t spend time outdoors more than twice a week. How much time do your children spend outdoors?
  1. Buying a cubby house is an investment in your sanity when it comes to choosing a present! Whether for a birthday or Christmas, buying one quality gift that provides your children years of entertainment is much more cost-effective and efficient than scouring the shops and throwing money away on cheap toys that get discarded after 10 minutes.
  1. Cubby houses nurture imaginative play, which is essential to cognitive, emotional, social and language development.
  1. They instil a sense of adventure. My Cubby has many fun accessories to help with this – from swings and climbing frames to telescopes, periscopes and fireman’s pole!
  1. Children learn how to play independently in a cubby. Being able to play by themselves means they don’t become reliant on others (and you) to keep them constantly entertained.
  1. You don’t have to worry about “stranger danger”. With a cubby in your backyard, you can rest assured your kids are playing in a safe environment.
  1. Cubby houses are built to last. My Cubby cubbies are produced using 18mm thick plywood, Baltic pine, polycarbonate roofing (providing 99.9% UV protection), and galvanised screws. All the timber My Cubby uses comes from renewable sources.
  1. Cubbies help kids sleep. With so much physical activity and time spent outdoors, they’re more likely to sleep well, which is wonderful for their overall health.
  1. There’s so much choice! With My Cubby, you can choose from a Duplex, Triplex, Mega Triplex, Adventurer, Fort or Cottage, or get a custom-built cubby to suit your backyard.
  1. Cubbies foster a sense of appreciation. If you encourage your children to keep their cubby tidy, they will learn the value of looking after what’s important to them.
  1. A cubby house is no-fuss. Once it’s set up, that’s it!
  1. And last but not least, why buy a cubby house? “Cos cubby houses are just really fun.” – Cailin, aged 6.

It’s true – cubby houses really are the best presents ever! Contact us to talk through your My Cubby options today.

*15% off our cubby range excludes small forts, layby and interest free. Available until 15th February 2020.

My Cubby Sale

Written by Lauren from Full Stop Publishing.


by Gail Carroll
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