Tips and ideas for painting your cubby

Our cubbies are delivered unpainted, and we strongly recommend painting or staining soon after assembly to protect your cubby from the weather. It will also make it look even more amazing and personalise it to your family’s tastes.

We recommend painting before the cubby is installed if possible. This will save you time and be easier because you don’t need to worry about things like cutting in and getting into awkward spaces! If you don’t have time or room to paint everything before hand, we suggest at least painting: the roof battens (harder to do when the roofing is on!), any walls that will have a feature colour (saves the cutting in) and the walls and underneath and top of flooring – nice and easy to use a roller with.   We did most of ours before we constructed it and found because the kids moved straight in it was hard to find a time to move them out to finish painting, and it then meant it took almost a year to actually finish it off!

To get the ball rolling to help come up with your colour scheme, we recommend you download our cubby colouring-in sheets (available here and on each cubby description), get the colouring pens out and have found coming up with ideas.

The cubbies need priming and then 2 coats. We recommend that you use an exterior UV protective paint. Paints now seem to have primers included which saves a job! The paint ratio you need is approx 7.5 square meters = 1 litre of paint. To speak in English, I generally find 1 litre will do two coats for a couple of feature walls. Most people seem to do an all over white coat to start, and 4 litres of paint works for that.  

There are a few options for the flooring:  standard paint, a natural decking stain or a lot of people are now using super-cool lino’s.  Another funky option is to use artifical grass – this looks amazing!

There are so many cool options when it comes to painting your cubby.  A trip to the local hardware store will open your eyes to the different paint types and finishes available. Here are some of our favourites..

For the outside- it looks great when you do a variety of bright colours, get as imaginative as possible! Get some painting tape to create stripes and shapes for extra wow factor!

My Cubby Painting ideas stripes

You can select one solid colour or stain to fit in with your back yard. This is a timeless look.

My Cubby Cubby House stained

Having 2 to 3 complimentary colours is perfect or your childs favourite colour in a few different shades.

My Cubby Painting ideas

We’ve even had a cubby painted with glitter paint!

My Cubby Glitter Paint Cubby House

Because our designs are so open, you can make the inside such a feature, not just to look good but to add even more fun!

Try black board paint on one of the interior walls (you can get this in a variety of colours instead of just black now). The kids will love draw on the inside of their cubby house and it will play a part in many imaginative games (shopping list, school blackboard, learning letters and numbers, cafe menu…).  You can even get magnetic paint now which you can paint on before the blackboard paint – so you could create a magnetic blackboard!

Mega Triplex Cubby House with blackboard

Stencils look fantastic and can really add some extra personality to your cubby. Kids will love to see their favourite characters or pretty pictures on the wall of their cubby!  You can also get amazing stickers to use on the inside walls – some of them are even removable over and over, so kids can create scenes with them.

Cubby house with stencil decoration

We always love seeing the amazing ideas our customers come up with to make our cubbies look even more spectacular!  Makes us want to repaint our cubby house constantly!


by Gail Carroll
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