Six outdoor Easter activities for kids

There’s no denying it. No matter what Easter means to you, one thing unites us all: CHOCOLATE! Unless, of course, you are Gwyneth Paltrow or the 0.00005% of people on Earth who genuinely do not like chocolate.

Yes, it’s a four-day chocolate egg fest full of sugar highs and many, many lows. But, believe it or not, there are activities you can do besides scoffing chocolate on Easter weekend.

Here are some outdoor Easter activities to entertain the kids, and even some of the big kids. Minimal equipment is required and for some games all you need are some eggs – you could use chocolate eggs or hard-boiled eggs. The latter option will be messier if the eggs break, but the kids will have fun painting and decorating the eggs beforehand – and you will get some extra time to either tuck into your own chocolate stash or have a quick nap!

1.  Easter egg and spoon race

Get your kids moving with an egg and spoon race with a twist. The aim is for players to make it to the finish line as quickly as possible without their egg falling off their spoon. Make things interesting by including an obstacle course, with chairs, tables and play equipment to weave between and duck under. You could even make it a relay.

2.  Easter egg toss

This can be played with two people, teams of two or as a large group. Players throw an egg to each other, taking a step back each time the egg is caught to increase the distance players need to throw. If you drop the egg, then you are out of the game!

3.  Easter egg bowling

Similar to bocce, this is best played with three players or more. Place a hardboiled egg on the ground. Each player has a different coloured egg, taking turns to roll their egg towards the hardboiled egg. The goal is to get your egg as close to the one in the middle as possible.

4.  Easter bunny tag

Instead of running, everyone must hop like the Easter bunny! If someone forgets and starts running, then they are automatically “it”.

5.  Musical bunnies

Instead of dancing to the music like in the game “musical statues”, players must hop! Whoever fails to stop hopping when the music stops is out, and the last bunny standing is the winner.

7.  Easter egg hunt

What would Easter be without an Easter egg hunt? You can make your hunt as simple or as interesting as you’d like. Simply hide eggs in the backyard and let the kids go crazy, or give each child a different list of eggs to find, eg. red-coloured egg, chocolate bunny, large egg. Some other ideas include drawing a treasure map with Xs to mark where the eggs are hidden, using non-chocolate items as the “treasure”, and attaching clues to each egg to lead children to the next egg.


Fun, simple, no-fuss – these outdoor play ideas tick all the boxes and hopefully will prevent those sugar-crash grumps this Easter!



Easter bunny visits cubby houses too!

Easter bunny visits cubby houses too!

This fun filled article is written by Lauren Shay from Full Stop Publishing, on behalf of My Cubby – determined to get kids back outdoors into happy, health play!


by Gail Carroll
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