Outside play in Winter, it’s important and fun!

Outside play isn’t just for when the weather is fine. Children need to be encouraged to play and be active outdoors all through the year. Not only is playing in the cooler months necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, social skills, learning and keen imagination, outside play in Winter can be the most fun play of all!

Kids love the wet weather! It’s magical to play in the rain. There is no need to restrict children to inside play in Winter, just rug them up in their coats, hats and gloves and get outside! The rain makes the colours and smells in your backyard come alive. I don’t think many can argue with the joy of putting on your gumboots and jumping in puddles!

Playing outdoors in Winter doesn’t cause colds, in fact, continuing to get out in the fresh air and be active can actually help prevent such sicknesses. You should encourage your children to get outside and run, jump and play just like they would at any other time of the year. (The exception to this being babies and those with an underlying medical condition)

Your cubby house is the perfect sanctuary from the rain and cold. The sound of the rain falling on the roof is the perfect backdrop for the kids imaginations to flourish as they role play. Are they in a small cabin in the woods with wild weather outside? Are they huddled around a campfire to stay warm? Are they cooking up a storm in their own little kitchen? Are they marooned on a tropical island? Or our favourite, are the captaining their own ship through rough seas?

Our most weather proof cubbies are the Triplex and Mega Triplex due to the 600mm roofing overhang on the lower level. So whilst they are light, bright and open, they are also make the lower level weatherproof!

Outside play in Winter, it's important and fun!

Sure, there are times when the weather is too bad to play outside, but there are many more times during Winter when it is the perfect time to throw on your warmest clothes and head out for a magical adventure!


by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby Houses, My Cubby, Outdoor Fun

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