Outside play ideas for kids in Autumn

Each season presents different benefits and ways to have fun outdoors with your kids. Here are some super fun ways to enjoy outside play in Autumn with your kids.

Autumn means leaves. Get the kids outside for some leaf play! Is there anything more fun than playing in fallen leaves? The more leaves the better when it comes to piling them up and then jumping on them or running through them.

Leaves are excellent props for playing in your cubby. They are fantastic ingredients in the cubby kitchen. Children can cook them up in a pot on the stove of their cubby kitchen, stir them in a bowl before baking them in their cubby house oven or making a tossed, dry leaf salad. Yum!  You could also use them for learning to count, or play money.

Leaves also make for a fun pretend camp fire in front of your cubby during imagination play. Kids can run around your back yard and find the biggest leaves and twigs for their camp fire. It’s great weather still in Autumn so kids can spend many hours on imagination play where they are camping or hiking in a forest. The newly covered ground around their cubby gives a fantastic atmosphere of being out in a rugged forest or the outback.

Look at all these fallen leaves and bark around this cubby house. That is hours of active outside fun to be had right there!

Fun things to do with kids in Autumn

The craft time in your cubby goes up a notch in Autumn. The countless materials produced from leaves, pinecones and bark falling from trees makes the best artwork additions and fun objects to paint and decorate.

Leaf artwork fun things for kids to do in Autumn

Autumn is a great time to have a scavenger hunt. The change in seasons is a perfect time for kids to get out and do scavenger hunts either in their own back yard at the park that they have done previously so they can see for themselves exactly what happens to the environment around them throughout the year. We love scavenger hunts and have made lists you can download and use here.

Every season represents new and exciting things for kids to do and experience outside. Head outside and enjoy all the colour and wonder Autumn has to offer!


by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby Houses, My Cubby, Outdoor Fun

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