Have an outing in your Cubby House – you don’t need to pack a thing!

I like to consider myself pretty relaxed BUT I have learnt over the years that I have a list of stuff I need to take when I take my kids anywhere.  I like to be prepared for all possibilities on outings (after many incidents) so I pack LOTS OF STUFF. We went to a local playground yesterday. For this simple trip I took:

  • A change of clothes for both kids (one is toilet training and the other will find water or mud no matter how well it is hidden).
  • Water – the number of times I have forgotten to take water and the kids seem to be desperate for a drink – water bottles are a must!
  • A snack – even if they’ve just eaten, I guarantee they’ll want something else.
  • Hats. No need to say more here!
  • Sunscreen. No need to say more here either!
  • Band aids – I think our kids agree before the outing which one is going to fall over and need a band aid (usually on their ever-healing knees). They are great at taking turns sharing this!
  • Tissues (for the tears after falling over)
  • A towel – this has been handy for many things … wet slides … wet children … wet me … even a wet dog!
  • Then depending on the season maybe a sweatshirt, rain coat, gumboots or umbrella!
  • I always take wipes too. They are just great for everything!

It’s a mission. It’s crazy! It annoys me I have to prepare for a little trip to the local park. It annoys me I have to unpack most of these things when I get home each time.

This morning we went on an outting … to our cubby house in our back yard. What did I pack? NOTHING! What did I prepare? NOTHING! Our kids have so much fun in their cubby, and I get to actually really relax because there is no preparation involved at all.

Everything I may need is 20 steps away. Ahhhhhh … lovely.

No need to prepare for an outing when you are playing in your own backyard - woo hoo!

No need to prepare for an outing when you are playing in your own backyard – woo hoo!



by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby Houses, My Cubby, Outdoor Fun

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