Outdoor play makes children better students

Outdoor play makes children better students because of all of the benefits it has on their mental, physical and social development. We have read extensive research on the subject, including this report on the key benefits of active and outdoor play on a childs learning ability.

In the report it states outdoor play time helps students become high-performance learners with skill sets that will be with them throughout their lives.

Outdoor education and play time has been shown to help students perform measurably better on standardised tests.

The study found students who played outside and spent more time outdoors:

  • Markedly improved classroom behaviour with fewer discipline referrals and related problems
  • Helped students concentrate for longer periods and help mitigate attention deficit problems
  • Helped students to learn across disciplines and make them better real-world problem solvers
  • Help keep students engaged in their school work and make them less inclined to drop out of school,
  • Measurably improved classroom performance in math, science, reading and social studies.
  • Could usefully employ all of a child’s native intelligences, ranging from math and science smarts to interpersonal communications
  • Are particularly effective at helping under-resourced, low-income students perform measurably better in school
  • Increased student motivation and enthusiasm to learn
  • Increased scores on state wide standardized tests in basic skills, reading, science and math.

This is another example of how play is not just play. It is essential for our children.

Outdoor play makes children better students

You can read the full report here.


by Gail Carroll
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