Favourite things to do in Spring with kids.

Spring has sprung!! Spring is the ultimate time of year for outside fun. Not too hot, not too cold so you need not worry about too many preparations- just get out there and have fun!

Here are our favourite things to do in Spring –

Backyard Scavenger Hunt- We’ve written about our love for scavenger hunts and made up some lists here. Your backyard comes alive in Spring. There are new flowers, leaves and blooms. Birds, insects and bees are everywhere. The sun is shining and there are baby birds and animals being born daily. It’s a very special time.

Give your cubby a clean- They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing! Now is the perfect time to get stuck in to your cubby and make sure it’s in tip- top shape for ultimate fun all through beautiful Spring and into Summer. The kids are a whole year older than last spring, clear out any toys that they’ve out grown or any clutter that has accumulated. Discuss what will be the main purpose of the cubby this spring- do they want a table and chairs for craft, writing and outside lunches or a kitchen or shop set up for their cafe? They may want just a nice clear space to run, jump and climb!

Give your cubby house a spring clean

Plant a garden- We all know that flowers and plants love Spring. It’s their time to shine. Gardening with kids is fun, active and results in a beautiful space in your backyard. Kids love caring for their garden and it teaches them about gardening, nature and responsibility.

Outdoor craft- Little artist will love getting out in the sunshine and doing all those messy craft activities that are best outside rather than inside- painting, glue…. and anything with glitter!

Spring time fun outdoor crafts

Get out and about in your suburb- The simple act or walking or riding around your own suburb is such a joy that so many families no longer think to do. Spring, more than any other season will present you with new and beautiful scenery daily. Not only is this fun, active and healthy family time, it is great for relaxation as you de-stress and take in all that Springtime has to offer.

Spring outdoor fun with kids

It’s such an important skill to teach your children to see beauty and excitement in the simplest things in life. This will make them more grateful and appreciative as they grow. Spring is a magical, beautiful time full of new beginnings. Get out there and enjoy it.


by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby Houses, My Cubby, Outdoor Fun

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