Why a cubby is the best present: Q&A with a six-year-old

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d get the inside scoop on what makes a cubby house the best present ever. And who better to ask than a six-year-old?

In this piece of serious investigative reporting, I talk to six-year-old Cailin about her cubby house and why she thinks all kids should have one.

Hi Cailin. How are you today?


 Excellent. I’m well, too, thanks for asking. So, what do you like about your cubby house?

“It’s colourful. And it looks nice. And there are these little shelves in it for plants. And there’s a little walkway to go in it.”

What does your cubby house look like?

“There’s a yellow roof and there’s a rail and it’s the colours of the rainbow. Next to it is a sandpit and there’s gold in the sandpit, cos once I found two pieces of gold. It had smiley faces on it.”

Eureka! What do you like to do in your cubby house?

“Play games, like kittens and super babies. And bunnies.”

How do you play those games?

“You just be like your normal self but be crazy. And be a kitten or a baby or a bunny.”

What do you have in your cubby house?

“Chairs, costumes, toys. We also put mats inside the cubby house and you can make beds with the mats. And sometimes we pretend there’s a toilet.”

Um, OK. Do you use the pretend toilet?

“Sometimes I pretend I’m sitting on the toilet and singing, like, la-la-la-la I’m on the toilet.”

Right. What makes a cubby house the best present in the world?

“Cos there’s a door and some windows.”

Anything else?

“And there are steps to go in it, like a really nice brown colour. And it’s super fun. You can pretend there’s a dance floor, cos the floor actually looks like a dance floor!”

What kind of dancing do you do?

“The L dance. There’s one hand on your head looking like an L, and there’s one hand on your belly, and then your legs go up and down, up and down, but you’re still standing.”

That sounds complicated. So, when Santa has to deliver a cubby house to some lucky kids for Christmas, how do you think he fits it into his sack?

“There’s a little box full of wood – a magic box with really big wood in it. And then when Santa gets to the house, the wood can just make itself into a cubby.”

Makes sense. Why do you think all kids should have a cubby house?

“Cos cubby houses are just really fun.”

Thank you, Cailin!

You heard it here first, folks. Cubby houses are the best presents ever because they are just really fun. So true.

So much fun!

So much fun!

Written by Lauren from Full Stop Publishing.


by Gail Carroll
Categories: Children's Imaginations, Cubby House for Christmas, Cubby Houses, My Cubby

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