Creating Cubby House Memories

We not only make the best cubby houses in Australia, we know exactly how to have the most fun in them!

We’ve put together this manifesto to show you all the awesome things kids can do in their cubby house to work their mind, body and heart. When it comes to our cubbies, all the fun things kids do in them makes them fitter, healthier, stronger, smarter, happier, more co-ordinated and improve their imagination and social skills. The best part is they don’t even realise, they’re just having fun!

These are our suggestions on how to have the ultimate fun in your cubby. This is how to create those special cubby house memories that will last a life time. You can download this and print it out, laminate it or put it in a frame. It will provide not only a lovely decoration for your child’s cubby house, playroom or bedroom, but a great reminder of all the super fun they can have in their cubby house!

Manifesto Creating Cubby House Memories

Down load it here-

making cubby house memories manifesto



by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby Houses, My Cubby

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