Choosing a swing set for your family

When I look back on my childhood, one of my favourite memories is playing outside on my swing. There is nothing that quite matches the magic and freedom of gliding through the air on your very own swing. Many hours were spent outside on my swing set. I remember my mum calling me inside for dinner after being out there all day!

Playing on a swing is one of the simple pleasures of childhood. Kids of all ages love playing on swings. From about 6 months of age, when a baby’s neck muscles are strong enough to support their head you can get your first baby seat, and as they grow and gain their confidence and independence they can swing on their own, through to when you are older and it’s a place to sit, swing gently and be lost in your thoughts – or see if they can reach the sky!

We also love how great swinging is for a child’s development.

It is brilliant for eye focus: Swinging is one of the most excellent ways of helping to develop this ability and exercise it as the child is moving back and forth constantly changing the depth of focus.

It’s also great for Balance: Eyes and ears are major organs when it comes to balance. When swinging it is not only the eyes that are trained and exercised but also the fluid in the inner ear is constantly swirling back and forth, which is great for the development of balance. When swinging your child is not only leaning front wards and backwards they are also moving back and forth and up and down.

Lastly, it’s also fantastic for Coordination: To get yourself swinging only by moving ones body is really tricky to learn!  At the age of about 4 years old a child can swing by themselves and swinging is fantastic for learning and training full body coordination.

It’s important, when choosing a swing set for your children that you get one that will grow with them. We use solid Cypress Pine as it is extremely strong and hardwearing. This means you can start with swings on the frame for younger children like our Baby Seat Luxe or our flexible baby seat and then graduate to a flexible strap swing or tyre swing. You can mix and match and have a variety of swings on your set. They are easy to change over. View our range here.

Choosing the perfect swing set for your family

We have free standing or in ground swing sets with sizing for single and double swing sets. You can even have these attached to your Medium or Large Fort!

Swing set connected to a cubby house

When planning for your swings, you must allow at least 2m space from any solid structures surrounding the swing frame including 3m in front and 3m behind the unit to allow adequate swinging space and ensure safe use.

It’s an exciting time for parents when looking for your child’s first swing set. It’s a coming of age and important milestone. If you have any questions or would like to discuss what swing set will best suit your family and yard, please contact us via phone or email. It’s all part of our customer service and one of the things we love most- helping you pick the perfect outside fun equipment for your family!


by Gail Carroll
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