What to look for when choosing a cubby house for your children

Finding the perfect cubby for your family can be a big decision.    Here are 4 key principals when choosing a cubby house for your children.

Safety- First and foremost we want our children to be safe. Our open faced cubbies mean you can always see your children and they can see you. We have strong lines and large play areas in our cubbies so children aren’t injuring themselves in nooks and crannies. We position our stairs at a 30% angle and use trenched in threads, instead of regular 45% stairs to slow kids down and prevent falls.

Having different levels in our cubbies eliminates any large fall points for young children. All our cubbies also come with full handrails to any levels over 1m.

Our cubbies are also roomy enough for adults to play with their children.

Function- Consider the size of the cubby you require. Is there room in the cubby to add imagination play accessories or toys? Can it fit all your children comfortably and any friends that may visit? This is one of the reasons we have 3 sizes of forts plus 3 other standard types of cubbies that can then be customised. Everyone has different size needs and different sized spaces to work with.  

You want to be able to use your cubby all year round. We use a polycarbonate roofing which comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and has 99.9% UV protection. This roofing breaks down the temperature more than any other option available. It keeps you cooler in Summer and the rain out in Winter.

The ability to add items like a slide, a sandpit, a fireman pole, a cargo net or any other feature to customise the cubby to your childs interests is key to ensuring they will get maximum enjoyment and use out of the cubby.

Durability- You need your cubby to last.  There are definately cheaper cubbies on the market but you need to consider if they are made for the Australian climate and built to last.   Not only is this an important safety feature, (broken parts of a cubby or a structure that could fall apart is dangerous for kids to be using) but you want it to last throughout your children’s childhood so they can benefit from it during each growing stage. Outdoor play and learning through play is so important and you want it available to them from toddlerhood through to teenage years.

We use 18mm plywood on both the walls and floors of our cubbies. This will last, no matter how many kids are happily running around on it.

When you purchase a quality, durable cubby house it represents excellent value for money because it won’t need replacing and there is an opportunity for you to sell it when your children outgrow it.

Aesthetics- Finally, yes it needs to look good. If it is appealing to your children and looks exciting they will be more likely to play in it, making good use of your investment and getting all the associated health benefits of outside play.

It is also a feature of your backyard. As we trend more towards outdoor living, we want to ensure the cubby looks good and fits into the backyard space nicely. The ability to paint our cubbies any colour you like and change around the layout is key to enabling you to find the perfect cubby house for your home.

We hope this has helped you figure out what you want and need in a cubby house for your family. You can learn more about My Cubby cubby houses and their features by reading this cubby house guide to our range.

choosing a cubby house for your children



by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby Houses, My Cubby

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