Children’s Imaginations

Kids are little sponges.   They soak up and absorb everything they see around them.

This was very apparent with our children on return from our Christmas holiday in New Zealand.   On our first morning home, the kids raced out  to their cubby house telling me to stay away as they had something to set up –  I was to be called when it was all ready.  If the kids were inside our house I would normally be suspicious about what they were up to  if I was asked to stay away (it’s not usually a good thing I’ve discovered!), but because we can see into our cubby house, I was able to peek out occasionally just to check on what was happening and keep an eye on the preparations!

After about 30 minutes of setting up, the kids unveiled their new creation …. an airplane!    We had just been (twice) to a fantastic airplane exhibition in Wellington, New Zealand, and the kids did a brilliant job recreating all the details in the cubby house.   Luckily for me, my ticket was for Business Class which gave me access to a Sky Bed – I’ve never had the pleasure of having a Sky Bed before!   My poor husband had to travel Economy Class – oh well!  The “cabin crew” used the cubby telephone to speak to the pilot and make annoucements to the passengers including doing the all important safety announcement.  The Fort level of the cubby became the cockpit.   Lots of buttons were drawn on paper, cut out and sellotaped around the steering wheel.  Delicious meals were created in the galley – I highly recommend ordering the sand pavlova (it was almost as good as Nana’s real one!).

I ended up having to serve our real lunch in the plane as well – the kids were in the middle of their shift, so couldn’t possibly break for lunch.

I forget sometimes how even the smallest new experience is still a huge new thing to someone that hasn’t experienced it before, and it’s quite fascinating watching recreations through children’s eyes.  I love watching what they take away from our adventures.   What will they come up with tomorrow …

Airplane staff on duty at check-in counter before boarding the plane.

Airplane staff on duty at check-in counter before boarding the plane.





by Gail Carroll
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