What is the best age to get a cubby house?

Is my child too young for a cubby house? What is best age to get a cubby house? We get asked these questions regularly!

We recommend cubbies for children as young as you like! Firstly, it prolongs the life of the cubby, so you get many more years use from it (and more “bang for your buck”), and secondly, having a cubby encourages your childs physical and mental development. They are desperate to be pulling themselves up, or trying to crawl up steps, or explore their cubby – this is the perfect opportunity to teach them how to do these things safely from the safety of your own backyard. Lastly, what little child doesn’t love the thrill of Mum or Dad helping them down the slide!

We recommend for very young children initially to have soft matting at the bottom of stairs, and always recommend cubbies are on a soft surface (never concrete or brick for obvious reasons) – and if you were looking into one of our dual level cubbies, even having a child-safety door at the top of the stairs until you are confident enough for them to be up there if that makes you feel more relaxed. We also provide more handles for younger child to help support them learn to climb up stairs.

We got our Mega Triplex cubby house when our son was 2, and we wish we had it earlier – he absolutely adored it and spent every day out there (4 years later, he still is!). Our daughter was in our cubby from a baby.  Sitting unaided about 7 months of age-  having a ball in the sandpit, and then quickly mastered climbing the two steps to get inside the cubby wanting to play with her big brother. It was fantastic watching her climbing skills and muscles develop from playing in our cubby.

We hope this information helps you – you are welcome to contact us any time with any children’s age concerns you may have so we can work through the best solutions, so you too can get one of our gorgeous cubbies!

best age to get a cubby house



by Gail Carroll
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