How to have an awesome birthday party in your cubby house

Where is the best venue for your child’s birthday party? Right in your backyard in one of our large, open faced cubbies! There is no need to hire expensive jumping castles or entertainment; the kids have all they need to have a fantastic party, right there in their cubby house.

You can choose to go as basic or extravagant as you want for your child’s party. Options also depend on the age of the child and number of children attending.

A theme revolving around the cubby is always great, especially for school age children who will want to be climbing up, down, in and all around the cubby and being very active. Turn your cubby house into a pirate ship or a castle for princes and princesses. It can be an underwater cave surrounded by fish, seaweed and undersea creatures where all the mermaids invited to the party play. Other popular themes include a rocket ship, a superhero or villains lair, a favourite band/ singer concert stage (Karaoke anyone?) or a spy headquarters.

It’s a huge misconception that kids need organised games at a party. If you’ve spent much time at organised party venues you’ll see the kids just want to be together and run around in unstructured play. They are so excited to all be together out of a structured environment like school that just being able to interact with each other in this environment is the most fun.

If you did want to have games, there is an endless amount of traditional kids’ games to play in or next to your cubby (depending on numbers) think pass the parcel, Simon says and pin the tail on the donkey. For older kids fun games outside the cubby include musical statues, water relay races and sack races.

Of course and good party has delicious party food. Again, depending on numbers the children can eat all together in the cubby from platters or in front of the cubby. There is nothing more fun at a party than sitting with your favourite friends and having a private tea party in a cool space like a cubby house.

For younger children, being spacious and so open parents are able to play in the cubby with their children or be up close and assist them comfortably from the front of the cubby house. How sweet and special for a group of toddlers to sit in the cubby and eat their party food and then play until they are all worn out. The cubby is the perfect size to keep them entertained and stimulated but not so big that they can’t be adequately supervised by parents.

Have a birthday party in your cubby house

When you have one of our cubby houses, you have the ultimate birthday party venue!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to hosting a party in your cubby. The key is to keep it simple and just let them play. You will soon see them using their imaginations and coming up with all sorts of games and make believe scenarios.


by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby Houses, My Cubby, Outdoor Fun

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