Australia Wide Cubby House Delivery

We can deliver your cubby house anywhere in Australia! Here are your cubby house delivery options…

Our courier company has three delivery options.

  • The cheapest option is: Delivery to your closest Depot.  You would pick up your cubby from there on either a standard trailer or in the back of a ute. The Depot can hold your cubby for up to 10 days without charge, so you have plenty of time to pick it up.  Our courier company has about 100 Depots nationwide so there is usually somewhere close to you.
  • The next option is Home Delivery: Our courier company will contact you once your cubby has reached the Depot to organise a suitable time for delivery. You need to be home to take delivery. You should not need to help though as our pricing includes 2 people to unload. As long as your drive way access is fine, they will deliver it to your front porch or garage – whichever is closest to your front gate. They will NOT deliver to the back yard. Insurance and Health and Safety laws have determined these parameters.
  • The 3rd courier option is Delivery to Business: This is very useful if you live in a rural area and don’t have a Depot close by. If you are able to advise us of a Business in the central area of your town that has truck and forklift access, we can arrange for our courier to deliver to them.

Another option is you are more than welcome to pick up your cubby from our factory in Kippa-Ring, Brisbane. We have had a customer drive from Port Douglas to do this – a massive effort!

Lastly, we know that our courier company have very competitive pricing, and we have been very happy with their service overall (there are always the occasional hiccup with couriers of course!), but it’s absolutely fine if you would like to use your own freight company, so we are happy to provide you with the information you require to obtain a freight quote yourself.

Here is a tip if you are picking up from the Depot: most of our cubbies come in 3 – 4 big packs. You would need to cut the ties and then put items individually on to your trailer/ute to get the best fit.

Very lastly (what great grammar!) – we have freight insurance on our cubbies incase anything happens to them in transit (it happens very rarely). For the insurance to count, we need to report any damage to our courier company within 10 days of delivery of the cubby, so please check your cubby out when you receive it so we can get any issues sorted asap.

More information can be found on our website, including details of Depots around Australia. If there is nothing close to you, let me know as often our courier company can deliver there anyway!

Cubby House Delivery

Cubby House Home Delivery


by Gail Carroll
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