Active outdoor play is vital for children

Regular physical activity is a vital part of your families healthy lifestyle. Making being active a priority in children from an early age is so important. It helps them develop both the physical skills and mindset to ensure they continue to be active throughout their lives.

Active children benefit physically and mentally. Being active from an early age promotes healthy growth and development.  It builds strong bones and muscles.  It improves balance, flexibility and posture.  Active outdoor play is a cardio workout for children. It helps achieve and maintain a healthy weight and this goes on to help prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Getting outdoors and being active also helps kids have a better outlook on life.  They are more likely to be able to make friends due to learning problem solving skills and social skills.  The burning of energy helps them to be able to relax better during down time and sleep better at night.  We know now important sleep is to growing bodies!

We recognise it’s harder for children to be active these days. Families are busier than ever before. We no longer feel comfortable letting the kids run around our suburb or down to the local park like when we were kids. Setting up a dedicated play space in your own backyard is a brilliant way of ensuring your kids get all the benefits of outside, active play.  It’s safe, convenient and super easy for them to get outside and play each day without even realising they are actually exercising!

outdoor active play for children



by Gail Carroll
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