3 Important reasons to add a Rock Wall to your Cubby House.

One of the most popular additions to our cubby houses is a rock climbing wall. Rock walls add a whole new dimension to your child’s cubby. There are the obvious advantages of an added fun activity and a more adventurous way to enter the cubby, but there are also several more, less obvious, but very important reasons to add a rock wall to your cubby house.

Physical benefits. Climbing the rock wall develops strength. So many different muscle groups are required for children to climb the wall, from their leg, shoulder, and arm and back muscles to their hand and finger muscles. Working these muscles in this fun and natural way develops them. As your child becomes better at the wall and really gets to master it, they will try to get up it even quicker each time; this is fantastic for physical fitness!

Learning benefits. When climbing the rock wall your child will need to make decisions on the path they will take to get them to the top. They’ll need to problem solve and concentrate. These are all excellent skills that every child needs. When they are able to hone these skills through play, they will come easier to them in other settings, like the classroom!

Confidence benefits. Your child will gain confidence by setting themselves a task of getting to the top of the rock wall and achieving it. Younger children may not make it to the top initially so it will be something they persevere with and eventually achieve. It will teach them patience and persistence.

One of the best parts about the rock climbing wall on their cubby, is even children who aren’t natural athletes can take the wall at their own pace, working it out for themselves as they go and eventually mastering it. This is so great for their self esteem.

We can add your Rock Wall to your Cubby House in a variety of ways, talk to us today about what will suit your family best!

Important reasons to add a Rock Wall to your Cubby House


by Gail Carroll
Categories: Cubby Accessories, Cubby House Research, Cubby Houses, My Cubby

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